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Concert Band

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Teachers In-Charge

Music Director

Practice Days

Ms Tan Xi Ling

Mdm Teo Li Li

Mdm K Vasantha

Mr Shaun Leoi

 [Full Band Practice sessions]

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

2.45pm – 6pm

 [Sectionals & Study Group ]

Tuesdays, 2.45pm  - 5pm

Highlights of Events and Activities

Upcoming events


§  WBAS Youth Festival


§  Annual Team-bonding Camp

§  Section Leader Course (Combined Schools)


§  Study Group & Teambonding


§  Band Clinic for Intermediate Wind Players with Mr Frank Troyka



§  Inaugural Band Investiture


§  Certificate of Distinction at the SYF Arts-Presentation 2017 (Wind Ensemble)


§  3D2N SYF Intensive Training Camp

o   Parents Night & SYF Showcase


§  Team-bonding Day & CNY Lunch


§  Showcase & CCA Open House



§  Instrument Maintenance & Inventory Update

§  Christmas Exchange Gathering


§  Combined Schools Section Leader Course @ ACJC

§  Junior Band Festival Concert

§  3D2N Band Incentive Camp


§  Annual 4D3N Teambonding Camp


§  Team-bonding Day & CNY Lunch

§  Parents’ Day

The Outram Concert Band is committed to providing a quality music education to all members who start out as our budding musicians. Being a key member in the music ensemble, each member will be expected to be knowledgeable in both theoretical and practical aspects so as to enhance their musicianship as they are nurtured over time in the band. The music ensemble’s is only as strong as its weakest player. Hence, the Concert Band focuses on team building through activities and conversations, providing opportunities for members of the band to work closely together. With perseverance and through teamwork, members can look forward to forging strong friendships with a strong sense of belonging to the ensemble.

Music Training

No pre-requisites or theoretical knowledge is required. Fundamental muscial skills from note-reading, rhythm-counting, singing and breathing skills would be taught to all members. From the basic skills, students will be taught transposition skills, fundamental techniques of their instruments. Student musicians will have the opportunity to experiment with their instruments as they learn how to play from basic tunes to ensemble music, where they would play together with their peers in full band setting. A diverse range of genres from classical band repertoire, flexi-band arrangements to popular tunes from the 60s to Billboard hits will be available to the ensemble!

Performances and Showcase

The Concert Band performs regularly at school events such as the CCA Open House, Chinese New Year, National Day and the school’s annual Speech Day.

External performances for the Concert Band include the Junior Band Festival which is held every year. In alternate years, students can look forward to performing at the national platform for the SYF Arts Presentation.

Team-bonding Activities

The Concert Band is a closely-knit CCA with strong bonds formed between peers. There are several opportunities that students get to enjoy working with their peers through celebrations and organisation of events. Examples of such are the annual Sec 1 Welcome Day, Chinese New Year Celebrations, annual team-bonding camps, Sports & Games Day and year-end party. 

Leadership Opportunities

Every musician in Outram Concert Band will eventually understand the Leadership structure within the CCA and have the opportunity to lead and serve members on various platforms. Students will be given responsibilities to organise events within sub-committees for the annual Band Camps, Parents’ Night and Band Investiture. Suitable members who have shown commitment and leadership abilities or interest may be appointed to serve the Executive Committee for a particular year.