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School Advisory Committee

The School Advisory Committee(SAC) promotes close relationship between the community and the schooland takes an active interest in student and staff welfare whileencouraging students' Co-Curricular Activities aimed at all round development.

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Parent - Teacher Association

Formed in 1950, Outram Secondary School Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) has come a long way till now. From the beginning, PTA aims to promote co-operation and understanding between parents and the Principal and teachers for the welfare of the pupils.

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Old Outramian's Association

Though the school was opened on 26th February 1906, the Association was formally inaugurated on 14th August 1965.The Association is an integral part of the School by its participation in many of the school’s fund raising projects, organizing enrichment, educational and career talks, sharing experience and ideas of mutual benefit through regular meetings and cohort gatherings.

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