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Ms Serene Cheong (Subject Head)


Business Studies / Retail Operations


Mr Roderick Lim


Principles of Accounts / Retail Operations


Mrs Wendy Loi


Principles of Accounts


Mdm Chua Yi Ping


Retail Operations / Business Studies


Mdm Casey Lee


Retail Operations


Ms Woo See Wei


Retail Operations


B&E Achievements



2016  2017

Champion – National Financial Literacy Race

Semi-Finalist – Youth Innovation Challenge



 Youth Innovation Challenge - Semi- Finalist Youth Innovation Challenge Best Innovation Award (Business) - Team Zelter 
Best Social Impact Award - Team Soltrax
Champion Team - Team Zelter


Best prototype design award – Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship Challenge

Second Runner-Up  – National Financial Literacy Race

 3rd Position- National Cash Flow Competition (NTU) Financial Literacy Competition (Video Category) - First Runner -up

Champion - National Accounting and Financial Challenge by Temasek Polytechnic

First Runner-up - Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship Challenge

 Merit Award for National Pushcart Challenge 


Second Runners-Up  - National Financial Literacy Competition

 National Financial Literacy Race - 4th Position 
   Top 10 Winners for National Financial Literacy Competition 

Business Studies

Currently unique to Outram Secondary School, GCE ‘O’ Level Business Studies offers students the opportunity to do the following:

·Apply their knowledge and critical understanding to current issues and problems within business contexts.

·Develop knowledge and understanding of the major groups and organisations within and outside business.

·Develop knowledge and understanding of how the main types of business and financial organisations are organised, financed and operated and how their relations with other organisations, consumers, employers, owners and society are regulated.

·Develop an awareness of the nature and significance of innovation and change within the context of business activities.

Business Studies is assessed through two written papers. It is offered to Upper Secondary Normal Academic/Express students.

Syllabus guide


For more information, please email:

Principles of Accounts

Principles of Accounts

POA is a practical subject which prepares students for future career developments. The syllabus aims to develop an understanding of the principles and concepts of accounting and their applications in a variety of business situations. POA students will be able to:

·         Acquire knowledge and understanding of fundamental accounting concepts, principles, and procedures in the context of business aims and activities;

·         Develop skills in preparing and analysing accounting information;

·         Develop an understanding of the role of accounting in providing an information system for monitoring and decision making;

·         Develop skills of numeracy, information technology literacy, communication, inquiry, presentation and interpretation;

·         Develop attitudes of accuracy, orderliness and logical thought and an appreciation of professional ethics.

For more information, please email: 

POA is offered to Upper Secondary Normal Academic and Express students and is assessed through a written exam comprising two papers.

Syllabus guide (Normal Academic)


Syllabus guide (Express)

Retail Operations (RO)

This is a 2-year MOE-ITE Applied Subject that aims to equip students with the basic knowledge, skill and values relevant for employment in small, medium to large retail establishments. It covers the functional skills and knowledge in retail operations such as selling products and services, providing customer service, handling and displaying merchandise, managing stock inventory, performing cashier duties and after-sales service. 

Students will have opportunities to practise retailing skills in simulated retail settings where a service oriented mindset, effective communication skills and teamwork – qualities valued by today’s employers – would be developed. There will be strong emphasis on hands-on learning and practical skills training, and developing professionalism as a retail service provider. Students will also observe and learn from real-world retail practices. 

RO is offered to Upper Secondary Normal (Technical) students.  

Syllabus guide


For more information, please email:

Events in 2018


·         National Cash flow competitions for Finance Leaders


·         Friendship Bazaar


·         Marketing in Action AEM @ Ngee Ann Polytechnic (Compulsory for Business Studies students and selected group of students)


·         Meet the Entrepreneur Session 1

·         National Accounting Quiz

·         Youth Innovation Challenge


·         Outram Project Experiential Learning for Sec 1 & Sec 3 students

·         Secondary 3 EBS Learning Journey

·         Elective Modules for S2NT/S2NA/ S4NT


·         LCCI External Certification (For selected group of POA students)

·         Overseas Experiential Learning Programme for Secondary 3 students


·         ITE retail carnival

Aug – Nov

·         Learning journey for Business Studies and Retail Operations students

·         Secondary 2 Entrepreneurship Programme

·         Meet the Entrepreneur Session 2

·         Fin Lit Outreach and Publicity Talks to Primary School

·         MYM and Cashflow interclass Secondary One and Two competition

·         National Financial Literacy Competition organized by Outram Secondary School




Youth Innovation Challenge -  Semi-Finalist

Youth Innovation Challenge

Best Innovation Award (Business) – Team Zelter

Best Social Impact Award – Team Soltrax

Champion Team – Team Zelter


3rd position – National Cash flow Competition (NTU)

Financial Literacy Competition (Video Category) – First Runner-Up

Merit Award for National Pushcart Challenge

National Financial Literacy Race -  First Runner-Up

Top 10 winner for National Financial Literacy Competition