EL Ignite

The English Language and Literature Department held its yearly EL Ignite!, a series of fun and out-of-the-classroom activities that immerse students in the use of the language, over three consecutive Thursdays in February and March 2017.

Students pit their spelling skills against one another in Spelling Bee, put their heads together to design headlines and slogans in Oh my Caption!, lived their dreams in Reader's Theatre, and raced against time to complete tasks in Running Idioms.   

Indeed, everyone from Secondary 1 to 3 had a whale of a time as they worked with their teammates to better their opponents and did things they usually had no opportunity to. They got to try their hands at speed drawing, record skits with teachers and friends to illustrate given idioms, dramatise a plot, and become song writers, poets and copy-writers for a day. They got to see how English is used in the everyday and even stood to earn prizes for their creativity!