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Department vision: Every Outramian a Confident, Competent and Responsible Pupil

Long-term goal: To develop students’ mathematical thinking and problem solving skills


4 domains that support the long-term goal:

     Instructional strategies: Infusing Garner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence and employing a repertoire of strategies with a focus on activity-based learning to engage students in active and productive learning

     Effective assessment: Differentiated assessments (Assessment for Learning, Assessment of Learning, Assessment as Learning) through multiple intelligences to examine and inform students’ level of understanding. Opportunities are also provided for students to use and provide feedback to improve learning

     Effective Use of ICT: ICT-based activities are designed to provide students with opportunities to visualise, explore and investigate mathematical ideas and relationships that would enhance the understanding of abstract mathematical concept

     Character development: Teaching of 21st Century Competencies, Social Emotional Learning and values are incorporated into daily lessons and enrichment activities 

Mathematics Department

Mr Ajmal Khan

Head of Department (Math)

Mrs Grace Choo

Subject Head (Math)

Mr Lim Say Chionh

Head of Department (Student Management)

Mr Oliver Tan

Year Head (Upper Sec)

Mdm Teo Li Li

Level Coordinators (Sec 1)

Mdm K Vasantha

Mr Lim Ting Long

Level Coordinators (Sec 2)

Mdm Casey Lee

Ms Tan Xi Ling

Level Coordinators (Sec 3)

Mrs Jacey Lau

Ms Woo See Wei

Level Coordinators (Sec 4)

Ms Meng Qingyi

Mdm Chua Yi Ping


Ms Gloria Ng


Mr Mao Cham Nap


Ms Patricia Ho


Mr Zainal


Mdm Irene Chew




Level – Wide         

  • Mathematics Journaling as Alternative Assessment        
  • Mathematical Modelling Learning Tasks as Alternative Assessment         
  • Mathematical Practical Exam as Alternative Assessment         
  • O Level Intensive Preparation & Mock Exam        
  • Mathematics Trail  

Target Group         

  • Lesson Study          
  • Foundational Mathematics Bridging Programme         
  • Mathematical Olympiad Training (Junior & Senior)         
  • Singapore Mathematical Olympiad (SMO)        
  • Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC)         
  • Participation in Mathematics-related competitions