Culture Rooms


  • Improving teaching & Learning of MT through the different pedagogies, like TLLM, PETALS, Cooperative Learning.
  • Develop an interest and appreciation of the traditional cultures and their related arts (art, literature etc).
  • To understand and respect the customs and traditions of the different races and religion and to coexist peacefully.
  • Learn facts so as to develop understanding of the pupil’s own culture as well as others.
  • Develop a love for the respective cultures’ literary classics.

Description of project

With the implementation of the MTCEP and in order to create an environment that is conducive for the development of CEP, a MT Cultural Room, equipped with the necessary facilities have been set up. It will provide a venue for a wide range of enrichment activities to be carried out.

  • Chinese Calligraphy
  • Traditional Chinese, Malay and Indian board games
  • Demonstration of the art of Chinese Tea
  • Demonstration of the art of Kolam (Rangoli)
  • Demonstration of Malay and Indian Wedding Ceremonies
  • Performance of Indian Classic epic
  • Competitions for traditional games (e.g Paper Cutting, Chinese Chess, Face Printing & Congkak)
  • Introduction to Fables
  • Introduction to Traditional Costumes
  • Introduction to Festivals and Customs


Culture-Based NE Infused Curriculum



Indian Wedding and Traditional Costumes

Malay Wedding



Traditional Games

Hari Raya Puasa



Henna Painting

Traditional Games


Face Painting

Traditional Weaving

Traditional Costumes

  • The students will also learn more about the festivals and customs of the Chinese, Malay & Indian communities.
  • The students will also learn more about the festivals and customs of the Chinese, Malay & Indian communities.
  • Students to be able to appreciate their own distinct identity and strengths and at the same time to be able to create a common ground to work & play irrespective of their race and religion


Expected Outcome(s) of MTCEP

  • Display their traditional art work
  • Play board games with peers
  • Hold games competitions
  • Watch demonstrations (eg. Tea serving, henna drawing)
  • Know & appreciate traditional musical instruments & Music
  • Learn more about the literature classics and history
  • Learn about the different traditional festivals
  • Develop an interest and have an appreciation for things pertaining to traditional culture, customs and art.
  • Be inspired to learn more about things pertaining to Chinese, Malay & Indian culture, customs, traditions and art at their own time.
  • Be motivated to improve on their language ability.
  • At the end of the 4-5 years of education in Outram, students will become men and women of distinct character who will appreciate their own culture as well as the cultural practices and customs of other races.