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Physical Education



We nurture Champions for Sports and Life       


 —  Instill Life Skills 

 —  Inculcate Life Values

 —  Inspire Life-Long Learning       

 Learning for Life Programme for Sports @ Outram   

 The school believes that sport is a very good platform for values education & character development. Active involvement in Sports from an early age: 

  • provide a conducive environment to inculcate good morals, values, social-emotional competencies and has the capacity to teach life skills, 
  • promote psychological well-being, positive social-emotional development, and higher academic & future occupational achievements, and
  • is a platform for school to engage students in an authentic setting to gain meaningful experiences, builds interest and motivates them to continue active healthy lifestyles.           


 To instill the school values in every Outramian through PE and Sports



2018 PE SOW

Sec 1

Game 1 – Badminton

For All

Outdoor Education

Game 2 – Basketball

Rock climbing

Sec 2

Game 3 – Floorball


Sec 3

Game 4 – Volleyball

Fitness & Conditioning (weight training)

Sec 4/5

Sport Education Model



Action Plan

Healthy Outramian

To reduce Obesity through

·         modular PE lesson that cater to different fitness levels of student.

·         Healthy meal in canteen food

Active & Fit Outramian

To increase the physical activity level of students through

·         participation of various sport events in school such as Sports Carnival, Fitness Run, Swimming Carnival, Inter-house games

·         booking of futsal court for CCA and students after school

·         loan of sports equipment to students  during recess & after school

·         structured play during recess

  Engaged Outramian

To perform and enjoy a variety of physical activities with understanding through

·      incorporation of school values & SEL into PE lessons

·      harnessing segmented approach learning and use of ICT

·      PE assessment

·      students’ survey on PE lesson

Confident Outramian

To develop water and height confidence in our students through

·        swimming

·        rock climbing

·        outdoor education