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Every Outramian with a Spirit of Scientific Inquiry and Indepedence

To Consistently Produce value-added Science Results and improve Staff Efficiency and Effectiveness through Teamwork.

Staff Members

1. Head of Department: Ms. Low Gek Chew

2. Subject Head (Student Leadership): Mr. Tan Tzei Kea, Alex

3. Ms. Alexa Meng

4. Mr. David Karsidi Hamza

5. Ms. Goh Ban Leng

6. Mr. Krishnan Mathiyalagan

7. Mr. Lim Ying Hin

8. Mr. Mao Cham Nap

9. Mr. Marcus Huang Jianyang

10. Ms. Patricia Ho

11. Mr. Samson Wong

12. Mdm. Singaram Vijayalakshmi

13. Mrs. Vivian Tan

14. Mrs. Vasantha Bala

15. Ms. Wong Hui Yi

16. Ms. Yeo Yang Hong

17. Mr Zainal Abideen Hassan

Science Department Events

Under the Inquiry Based Learning (IBL) framework, we aim to enthuse students’ interests in Science and to develop them to be independent learners with a Spirit of Scientific Inquiry. Over their stay in Outram, students of all levels will participate in various Science activities that will expose them to the elements of Questioning, Evidence collection, making logical Explanations and Connections and Communicating of findings. 

Modular Structure for Lower Secondary Science

This initiative aims to allow pupils to better experience what the three different disciplines entail, so that they may approach Science with a deeper understanding. By doing so, it will help them make a more informed choice when they select their subjects that they would like to pursue in Secondary 3. This is done by modularizing the Lower Secondary Science syllabus into the three separate components of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. 

The Department has implemented this structure since 2007. Feedback from the Secondary 2 students indicate that the programme has helped them to understand what the differences in the 3 disciplines are, and also allowed them to identify which Sciences they are interested in reading at the Upper Secondary Level.


Semester 1 Semester 2

Secondary 1

Chem / Bio– 3 hours 

(from sec 1 and sec 2 textbooks)

Physics – 3 hours 

(from sec 1 textbook)


Semester 1 Semester 2

Secondary 2


Physics – 4 hours 

(from sec 1 and sec 2 textbooks)

Chem / Bio – 6 hours 

(from sec 1 and sec 2 textbooks)

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