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Applied Learning Programme (ALP)

About Us:


 In addition to being recognized as Centre of Excellence for Business & Enterprise in 2010, Outram Secondary School’s Business and Enterprise (B&E) has been recognized as an Applied Learning Programme (ALP) since 2014. This affirms the department’s aim and vision of providing a quality education in Business & Enterprise within school and reaching out to other students at a national level.   

At Outram, we design programmes in recognition of the diverse interests and talents in line with supporting the development of multiple peaks of excellence. Pertaining to Business and Enterprise, we believe that regardless of discipline, the application of knowledge and skills in the external business environment is equally important.   

Our B&E programmes provide opportunities for the students to unlock their potential through wide ranging activities that offer the foundation for further studies in Business and Enterprise at the post-secondary level.   

For students who have greater interest and inclination in these areas, they have the option to take up as GCE O level subjects Principles of Accounts (POA) and Business Studies. Outram Secondary is the only school in Singapore offering Business Studies as an O level subject. From 2017, Retail Operations, a new applied MOE-ITE subject will be offered to our upper secondary NT students.   

We also offer our students Advanced Elective Modules in topics such as Essentials of Marketing, Introduction to Tourism & Hospitality and Theme Park Management. These are held at the Polytechnics, and they help give our students greater depth and understanding of the external business world.   

To provide more opportunities for learning, we have established links with tertiary institutions like National Institute of Education, Singapore Polytechnic, Ngee Ann Polytechnic and Pearson-LCCI through the various workshops, competitions, curriculum conducted by them. We also have strong partnership with numerous organizations such as SPRING Singapore (ACE school programme). Under the ACE School programme, students are given the opportunity to work with local entrepreneurs and apply skills learnt in the classrooms to real world situations.

B&E Achievements



2016  2017

Champion – National Financial Literacy Race

Semi-Finalist – Youth Innovation Challenge



 Youth Innovation Challenge - Semi- Finalist Youth Innovation Challenge Best Innovation Award (Business) - Team Zelter 
Best Social Impact Award - Team Soltrax
Champion Team - Team Zelter


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Best prototype design award – Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship Challenge

Second Runner-Up  – National Financial Literacy Race

 3rd Position- National Cash Flow Competition (NTU) Financial Literacy Competition (Video Category) - First Runner -up

Champion - National Accounting and Financial Challenge by Temasek Polytechnic

First Runner-up - Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship Challenge

 Merit Award for National Pushcart Challenge 


Second Runners-Up  - National Financial Literacy Competition

 National Financial Literacy Race - 4th Position 
   Top 10 Winners for National Financial Literacy Competition 


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Ms Serene Cheong (Subject Head/Business and Enterprise) (On Leave)



Mr Roderick Lim (POA & LCCI) (Covering SH)



Mrs Wendy Loi (E-Club, EBS, POA):



Mdm Chua Yi Ping (Financial Literacy, Outreach to Primary School, LCCI):



Mdm Casey Lee (E-Club, AEM Coordinator)


Mr Eugene Khoo (LCCI)


Ms Woo See Wei (Financial Literacy, Publicity)



Ms Serene Wong (Financial Literacy, Publicity)



Ms Melissa Lim Singh (Sec 2 & 3 Entrepreneurship programme, Publicity):



Mr Marcus Huang (Sec 2 & 3 Entrepreneurship programme)




Ms Alexa Meng (Sec 2 & 3Entrepreneurship Programme)