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SAC in Action

Partners of Outram Stand in Solidarity

HBL Students for SAC, OOA, PTA writeup.jpg

When Outram Secondary School rolled out full home-based learning (HBL) on 8 April in alignment with the national ‘circuit breaker’ measure, its partners reached out to support its students with needs. The sponsorship comes in the form of meals for those who have to return to school to complete their HBL.

The School Advisory Committee (SAC) and the Old Outramians’ Association (OOA) committed to providing daily breakfast and lunch respectively for these students. This means a lot to the students who are supported with access to HBL in school from 8am to 12pm. In addition, the SAC is sponsoring $5 worth of NTUC vouchers per day, to all students on the Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS) to tide their households over this challenging period of time.

The Parent-TeacherAssociation (PTA) is also chipping in to provide lunch for school staff who are here to supervise and guide the students, in a show of solidarity in this unprecedented time of adversity.

Staff and students of Outram deeply appreciate the kind and generous gestures from our dedicated partners. Together, we will overcome.