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Principal’s Message

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Since 1906, Outram Secondary School has gone through more than 110 years of growth and development. Through all these years, the school has evolved in tandem with the social and political environments that have shaped and continue to shape how the school meets the needs of the community, society and Singapore.

With the richness of our history, the wealth of experience of generations of alumni, Outram strives to remain relevant to the present while preparing our Outramians for the future. The current environment of rapid and increasingly disruptive developments in many fields have led us to be very mindful of the need to prepare our students for a world that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. The hard skills learnt through drills and practice are not sufficient. They have to be strongly supported by a repertoire of soft skills and a firm grounding of character values.

Against this backdrop of the changes, developments and implications on the skillsets that will prepare our Outramians for their future, we have taken the staff through a re-envisioning and strategic planning process.  We made our vision clearer, more inspiring and more relevant for our future-oriented students anchored strongly on values. We also revised one of our SPIRIT values to encourage students to be innovative.  We concluded our re-envisioning with this new vision statement and our SPIRIT Values:


Lifelong Learners. Innovative Leaders. Caring Contributors.

SPIRIT Values: 

Sense of Belonging






Taking cognizance of changes around the world that are moving increasingly faster, the knowledge, skills and values that each Outram student acquires become increasingly more important.  Our student-centred programmes, which are needs-focused, are aimed at bringing out the best in every Outramian. These programmes equip our Outramians with the skills, talents, mind-sets and values that prepare them positively to engage the challenges and possibilities of the future with the right skills and adaptability. 

The learning processes that we take our Outramians through prepare them for their future beyond school. We design programmes that bring out the Joy of Learning that will make all Outramians lifelong learners. They will learn through gathering information, using the information to solve problems, blending knowledge gathered through various subject disciplines to create better information and enhance their understanding of new and novel experiences.

The pursuit of all-round excellence will be anchored on a firm foundation of values, character and leadership development programmes that help shape the holistic development of the students into leaders of tomorrow. They will also be groomed into citizens with a strong belief in Singapore and the Singaporean Spirit.  Our LLP, “Sports for Life”, and ALP, “Business and Enterprise”, are the cornerstones of this holistic development.  The ‘SPIRIT’ values cultivated in them ensure that they continually remain relevant and well-poised to make a future for themselves.

Our LLP builds lifelong habits in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. Our ALP imbues them with the spirit of enterprise and entrepreneurial dare that will take them confidently through uncertain and ambiguous situations and environments.

In all we do, we have always benefited from the consistent and dependable support from our key partners, the SAC, the Alumni, parents and the community at large. I take this opportunity to thank them all for their unstinting commitment and confidence in the school.

I am confident that all Outram staff, students and key partners will continue this excellent work that has been set in motion and that will gain momentum to build a brighter future for all.