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School Philosophy, Motto & Badge

School Philosophy

The school aims to provide each student with a balanced education, developing him to his fullest potential because we believe that each student is capable of learning and excelling, given the right motivation and support.

School Goal

To foster national pride and loyalty based on the acceptance and respect for a multicultural, multi-religious and multilingual society. In fulfilling the above, it is implicit that pupils be aware at all times of the need to work as a team, conscious of the fact that there is no alternative to hard work to ensure progress for self and nation.


"Labor Omnia Vincit" is in Latin. The true meaning is labour conquers all, which means, whatever you do, if you strive hard enough, you will be able to overcome even the hardest of ordeals.

School Badge

school Badge.jpg

The Book - Academic learning, the principal aim of the school; to instruct, to impart knowledge, to teach and to learn.
The Lion - Our association with Singapore, the Lion City.
The Castle - A tower of learning; a place where all can study (work); a self-contained unit; a place where unity, cooperation and teamwork produce a community (tower) of strength.

The LION and the CASTLE together symbolise Outram as one of the centres of learning in Singapore.

School Colours
Red for community spirit, togetherness, oneness
Gold for excellence, success(the gold award)
Blue for loyalty to the school