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Outram Concert Band awarded the Certificate of Distinction at the SYF Arts Presentation 2017

Since the last outing at the Singapore Arts Festival (SYF) in 2013, the Outram Concert Band has undergone a metamorphosis. The new motto, ‘One Band, One Heart’ signifies a pursuit of excellence and appreciation of music that unifies all members. Starting from the basics in 2016, members picked up the fundamentals; from breathing, blowing, learning musical elements to counting rhythms.  From regular practice sessions to intensive music-training camps, our young members who had practically no background in music, grew fast into budding musicians, spending hours singing and playing music together. Wanting to share this new-found passion in music, the Concert Band took part in the SYF Arts Presentation 2017, (Wind Ensemble Category) for the first time.      

On 25 April 2017, the Outram Concert Band took the stage at the NUS – University Cultural Centre, under the baton of our Music Director, Mr Shaun Leoi. They performed two contrasting pieces, ‘Intrada II’ composed by Satoshi Yagisawa, and ‘Over Great Waves and Far Away’, composed by Yo Goto. Judged by local and international adjudicators in the music scene, the band stood the test and brought home the Certificate of Distinction.   

The road to success allowed the members to learn valuable lessons about resilience and teamwork, and that the strength of the band is only as strong as its weakest members. They understood that practices required their time and commitment to congregate, and work through weaknesses as they hone their musical skills. This Distinction would not have been possible without the support of the school, teachers and parents.  The Concert Band will continue to seek opportunities to showcase and share our music and experiences with our friends.