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Waterpolo - We are the CHAMPIONS!

Outram clinches 2nd B Division Water Polo Championship title

Group photo.jpg

Following the historic win in 2013, the Outram Water Polo team met with a dry spell where

titles were concerned. Thus in March 2017, the team entered the competition viewed as a

non-threatening force. After successfully fending off strong boys such as Raffles Institution,

Hwa Chong and St Andrews in the preliminary rounds, the team lost to ACS (Barker) and

ACS (Independent).

Despite a winding path to the finals, the team made it to the big match based on goal

differences.  The boys worked every muscle in their bodies and mustered every ounce of grit

and determination as they prepared for the final.  They believed that the only way they could

beat a stronger opponent was to work as a team.  Riding on the back of unwavering support

from their coach, teachers, parents and friends, they brought home a fairy tale ending in the

form of the championship title on 27 March 2017.

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