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Entrepreneur Club

Teachers-in-charge :

Mrs Wendy Loi

Mdm Casey Lee

Mrs Poon Yam Kiau

 Activities: The Entrepreneur Club (E-Club) has taught its members how to be responsible, committed and creative in their decision-making for the CCA. Members each undergo this hands-on experience, in which it has truly been very unique and interesting. The E-Club teaches its members the reality of business management, of the struggles and joys it holds. Here, students are completely independent, and has to learn how to run a shop on their own. With guidance from their seniors, students achieve crucial business practices, such as stock taking and how to use a cash register. But it's not all work and no play. In the E-Club, team-bonding camps and fun activities are frequently planned and held to keep the students' camaraderie levels high, and to forge a strong sense of unity within the CCA. Indeed, the E-Club is a good platform for one, if one is interested in business studies or management. Who knows, unleash the entrepreneurial dare within you!


Achievements in chronological order: 

2017:  RP Digital Business Challenge 2017 – Participation Award 

2016 : National Push Cart Challenge 2016 – Merit Award 

National Financial Literacy Challenge 2016 (school) – Second position   


VIA: Caring for the community – Ambassadors for Open House for Hearing Impaired 

 NYAA: Bonding Day, Bonding Camp

Training and Meeting Schedule

Term 1


Week 4 – Bonding Day 1: Orientation/Induction programme for new members

Week 6 -  Training Day for new members: Cash register training

Week 9  -  Meet the Entrepreneur 1

Term 2

Week 1 -  Bonding Day 3: Prepare pushcarts for sale of retail items

Week 3 – Training in customer service (Sec 1 & 2)

Week 10  -  Learning Journey 1: Study how retailers and F&B outlets operate

Term 3

Week 2 – Basics of Marketing (Sec 1 & 2)

Week 9 -  Meet the Entrepreneur 2

Term 4

Week 3 -  Learning Journey 2: Visit to factory/place of interest

Bonding Day Camp (November Holidays)