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Outram INK

Teachers-in-charge : 

 Mrs Jyoti 

 Mrs Anitha Abishek 

 Mrs Cheryl Fan

Outram Ink is a club for language and media lovers! Gathering and developing talents in both oratory and creative writing Outram Ink hones the skills of the members by conducting training in media technology, drama and public speaking and videography. The club also takes part in several language and media-related competitions each year. 2017 saw members participate in a slew of National Competitions. 

Story Challenge 2017 was an achievement for members as they qualified for the semi-finals in this nationwide competition where more than 30 schools participated. The club had a rigorous Story Challenge Workshop by the Theatre Practice in preparation for the competition. The workshop also helped members develop drama skills and honed their self-expression and delivery. 

Outram Ink members also participated enthusiastically in the 2017 “Tales of S” eBook Competition” organised by Civica with 15 submissions of entries. 

They also participated in the SingLit Flash Book Review Contest by the National Book Council for Students. Participants from Secondary 1 were engaged with Singaporean literature that aimed to bring joy to readers and forged a strong sense of cultural identity. 

This year we also launched the Outram Ink Book Review sharing to encourage Outramians to develop the reading habit. A trailblazer was student’s participation in the Senior Lex!S – the ACJC Masterclass Series 2017 where debating talent was sent to perfect skills from Outram. 

Another inaugural attempt was participation in the Kids’ Lit Quiz Singapore organised by the National Library Board and Post Office Savings Bank. Participants were sent for exposure on reading skills and knowledge of children’s classics. 

By constantly upgrading our knowledge and skills, Outram Ink is not only able to enrich our own lives but to give back to our learning community, our second home, and our school.