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PA (Public Addressing Club)


Teachers-in-charge :

Mdm Singaram Vijayalakshmi
Miss Durga Devi
Mr David Karsidi

OSS Public Addressing (PA) Club 2017

The Outram Secondary School Public Addressing (PA) Club has been an integral member of the school community for many years, giving invaluable technical support and assistance to ensure the smooth running of school events. The PA Club is mostly run by the students. The senior students helm the club, and they proceed with mentorship of junior members with the guidance from the CCA teachers-in-charge and the Technical Assistants.

In 2017, the Outram Secondary School PA Club had had a busy timetable at the start of the year, being involved in managing major school events including cultural events such as Chinese New Year and Tamil New Year celebrations, NE events such as Total Defence Day and International Friendship Day. The PA Club has also rendered its service to ensure the success of the Speech Day celebrations in April 2017.

2017 also has seen the PA Club welcome new members from the Secondary One cohort, as well as several other senior students who are interested in the PA Club activities. Training sessions are regularly scheduled by the seniors and leaders in the CCA for the younger members, in order to get them trained and prepared for the rigours of the school events they need to be in charge of.

With steadfast conviction, honour and pride, the PA Club  stands strong as always, and readily looks forward to continue serving the school community to the best of its abilities.