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Old Outramian's Association

Though the school was opened on 26th February 1906, the Association was formally inaugurated on 14th August 1965.The Association is an integral part of the School by its participation in many of the school’s fund raising projects, organizing enrichment, educational and career talks, sharing experience and ideas of mutual benefit through regular meetings and cohort gatherings.The Association benefited from its heritage of former students in influential business, professional, academic and social circles whose help continue to provide thrust to a better future.Like the SAC and PTA, the Old Outramians' Association encourages excellence in CCA and academic performance by giving awards to outstanding students on Speech Day Celebrations. It has helped to raise funds for the school to keep our needy pupils and school improvement projects.

The Association has been working with alumnus to provide think tanks for new ideas and is always looking for projects to assist the students and the school as well as interest of the alumnus. The Association has a website that will post new information about its events and involvement with the school and in an attempt to bridge the new media, it has launched its Facebook page on May 2012 and is adapting to new methods to reach its audience, the alumnus.

To visit our official page on Facebook, look for 'Old Outramians' Association'.

To contact the Association, the email is .