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School Advisory Committee

The School Advisory Committee(SAC) promotes close relationship between the community and the schooland takes an active interest in student and staff welfare whileencouraging students' Co-Curricular Activities aimed at all round development.

Amongst other areas of contribution,some, the SAC has provided subsidy for Water polo coach, Sports director pay over the past 5 years, co- payment for purchase of Speed Wall in 2012 , Swimming Scholarship from 2012 – 2014 and FAS pocket money to needy pupils from 2002 – 2012.

A major contribution of the SAC has been in the Swimming Pool. The SAC encourages student participation in water sports such as swimming and water polo. All our students participate in a water safety programme and they have swimming lessons as part of their PE programme. The committee gives the Outstanding Student Award to the best all-rounder on Annual Speech Day Celebrations to inspire students to strive towards excellence.

Over the years, members of the committee have given their time, effort and expertise to work in tandem with the school to help shape Outram into what it is today. It also partnered with the Kim Seng YEC and alumina on the One Community Project in 2011 & Catch-Plus programmes in 2013.