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Applied Learning Programme (ALP)



In addition to being recognized as Center of Excellence for Business & Enterprise in 2010, Outram Secondary School’s Business and Enterprise (B&E) has been recognised as an Applied Learning Programme (ALP) since 2014. This affirms the department’s aim and vision of providing a quality education in Business & Enterprise within school and reaching out to other students at a national level.

At Outram, we design programmes in recognition of the diverse interests and talents in line with supporting the development of multiple peaks of excellence and preparing our students to develop future work skills.

The programme consists of 2 tiers: Tier 1 is a 15 – 20 hours programme for all Secondary and One students while Tier 2 caters to students with the aptitude and interest as part of their talent development. 



The school has established partnership with Ngee Ann Polytechnic, The Sandbox, Pearson Education South Asia Pte Ltd, Singapore Management University -The Accounting Society, and Spirit of Enterprise (SOE) to leverage their expertise to develop ALP curriculum and programs with the emphasis of Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship. 

Financial Literacy with Project Moolah

Project Moolah is organized by SMU’s Accounting Society, which aims to teach Financial Literacy to secondary school students. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the team continues to partner the school to conduct four Financial Literacy (FL) lessons for our students. The sessions introduced topics such as savings and insurance and conducted group competitions for our students to learn FL in a fun and engaging way. 


Fly Challenge organised by Republic Polytechnic


Two teams from Outram Secondary School took part in the Financial Literacy for Youths (FLY) Race/Challenge, an annual nationwide inter-secondary school competition organised by Republic Polytechnic’s (RP) Common Business Programme. The event aims to cultivate entrepreneurial spirit in managing finances.

FLY Race adapted its format to an E-Challenge due to restrictions caused by COVID-19. The online challenge was conducted across two rounds between September and October.

The theme of this year’s challenge was Fostering a Sustainable Hawker Culture through Financial Savviness. The challenge created an opportunity for participants to discover the challenges faced by our local hawkers, and provided the youths an avenue to devise practical strategies to help these businesses in areas related to financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

Our team consisting of Chiang Hoe Siang (S3/4), Satidsawat Podtakon (S3/4), Ong Bing Xuan (S3/4), presented their financially savvy ideas and practices against 8 other teams during the final challenge. The team emerged victorious, winning the Most Financial Savvy Award for FLY Challenge 2021. The experience gained during this challenge was enriching and invaluable for all the participants.

Link to students’ video: Click Here

Outram Bazaar goes online!

As a part of the Secondary 4’s authentic learning project for Business Studies,  students were tasked to procure and sell their products via the e-commerce platform this year. Students felt that the learning process was enriching as they were able to seek values and relevance of their learning and applied what they had learned in Business into the project. The engaging task allowed the students to experience being an Entrepreneur first hand and understood their challenges admist settting up an online store. 


Virtual Learning Journey

Three virtual learning journey were organized for the Secondary 1, 2 and 3 students during Business Day!

Secondary 1 students went on an interactive tour to One North to learn more about local start-ups and this “Silicon Valley of Singapore”.

Secondary 2 students went on an educational online field trip to the Yakult Factory where they learned about the background of the company and its product. Students also get to view the high-technology production process via Zoom.

Secondary 3 students went on an exciting learning journey to ROOST, to learn how the food service company has been in the industry for over 20 years and it adopts innovation to transform its business model. 

Competing to win the top prize for the Roost Quiz


Hands-on activity

Student’s creation


Student’s creation

Business Lessons and Project Work (Outram Project Experiential Learning)

In semester one, a 20-week business lesson on Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship was introduced to Secondary 1 and 2 students respectively. The lessons aim to introduce students to the fundamentals of business and allow students to apply their learning in Project Work. During Project Work, students work in teams to create innovative solutions using the design thinking process, ensuring their solution is viable, feasible and desirable. This year, the team collaborated with the CCE committee to design the project themes. 

Secondary 1 – Local Entrepreneurs and Zero Waste

The 2 days OPEL is a consolidation of the year-long VIA/OPEL project. The focus of this OPEL project is about the entrepreneurial and marketing aspects of the product. The showcase will be based on the marketing board and final presentation of the product.  


Secondary 2 – Smart technology and Mental Wellness  

The 2 days OPEL is a consolidation of the year-long VIA/OPEL project. As the theme for S2 OPEL is Smart Technology, students work in teams to appify their VIA solutions.





Secondary 2 Entrepreneurship Programme

The 10-hour blended learning workshop aims to introduce the concept of innovation to our students. Students will practise using the Design Thinking methodology and apply to an authentic context, focusing on building empathy towards a user. The outcome of the workshop is to spark inspiration in student to collaborate in championing the sustainable initiatives for school/home communities via Design Thinking methodology.


Some samples of students’ prototypes


A phone application named Dr.Who? to allow users to search for the nearest clinic to visit and make an appointment to visit the doctor.



A prototype of a smart gadget designed for the elderly. This is similar to  a google home which can keep the elderly company at home and provide a form of companionship during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Overseas Experiential Learning Programme to South Korea







Ms Serene CheongHead of Department
Mrs Wendy Loi (OIC)Financial Literacy
Mdm Chua YPFinancial Literacy
Mr Jeremy LumFinancial Literacy
Ms Serene WongFinancial Literacy
Mr Gabriel Fu
Financial Literacy and  Entrepreneurship Programme
Mdm Casey Lee Secondary 2 and 3 Entrepreneurship Programme
Ms Woo See WeiSecondary 2 and 3 Entrepreneurship Programme
Ms Gladys LimSecondary 2 and 3 Entrepreneurship Programme

Programmes in 2022


·         Business lesson for Lower Secondary

·         Finance Leaders programme for Secondary 2 and 3



·         Business lesson for Lower Secondary

·         Finance Leaders programme for Secondary 2 and 3

·         Online Bazaar for Business students

·         Secondary 3 Entrepreneurship programme



·         Business lesson for Lower Secondary

·         Secondary 3 Entrepreneurship programme

·          Lcube game for Secondary 1 students



·          Business lesson for Lower Secondary (Project Work)




·         Business lesson for Lower Secondary

·         ALP day for Secondary 1, 2 and 3

·         ALP week for Secondary 4 NT/NA



·         LCCI External Certification (For selected group of POA students)

·         Project Moolah Fin Lit programme


July – September

·         Spirit of Enterprise (SOE) workshop for Secondary 2 Entrepreneurship programme

·          Entrepreneurship first step module organized by Ngee Ann Polytechnic

·         Project Moolah Fin Lit programme


October - November

·         Fin Lit Outreach and Publicity Talks to Primary Schools

·         MYM and Cashflow interclass Secondary One and Two competition

·         Design for Change Challenge


Youth Innovation Challenge (link)

Best Innovation Award (Business) - Team Zelter

Best Social Impactr Award - Team Soltrax

Champion Team - Team Zelter

Financial Literacy Competition (Voice Catergory) 

First Runner-up

Biz Wellness Competition (Jan)


Biz Wellness Competition (Jul)


Youth Innovation Challenge 


Outram Secondary School Partnership Award with Centre of Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy Competition (Lcube) organised by NTU


Student Entrepreneurship Challenge organised by Mount Faber Safra

Champion Team

Design for Change Challenge

Design for Change Challenge


FLY challenge organised by Republic Polytechnic               

Most Financial Savvy Award

Design for Change Challenge