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Learning for Life Programme (LLP)

“Sports For Life” @ Outram Sec School


We Nurture Champions for Sports and Life.

3Is Sports Mission

Instill Life skills

Inculcate Life Values

Inspire Life-long Learning

Through sports, we aim to instill 21st Century Competencies in each student to better prepare them to thrive in a fast-changing and highly connected world.

Character Development Approach: i ACE @ Outram

I Aware


I Exhibit

The PE department approach towards character development through the Sports For Life @ Outram involves teaching the students the school values and equipping them with SEL competencies (Aware) through CCE and providing platforms for students to practice and demonstrate the values (Commit) through play and competition and encouraging students to adopt the values in their own lives (Exhibit) in classroom, school and community.

Sports for Life Programmes

·         Annual Fitness Run

·         Inter-house Swimming cum Sports Carnival

·         Sec 3 Outdoor Education Adventure Camp

·         Sports Education Programme

·         Inter-house / inter-class Games

·         Sports AEM (Advanced Elective Module)

·         P6 Sports Carnival

Sports for Life Framework


All students will be exposed in at least 6 sports throughout their 4/5 years PE lessons in Outram to build a strong foundation for the development of broad-based physical competencies and opportunities for recreational participation. Through sport, we want to engage at risk students to build self-esteem, renew interest in learning and develop critical life skills. Students leaders will be empowered to lead, plan and organise sport events and run CCA sports camp. Individuals with good performance and demonstrated talent can invest their time and effort in highly specialised and intensive training with national sports organisations to excel.