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Cross Country

Annual Fitness Run

This year, our annual fitness runwas held at Punggol Waterway Park on 24th March 2017. The students, staff and parents were to do a fitness run of 2.4km long. There were over 800 students, staff and parents that took part in the event in one way or another. Some were running, while others were helping out by organising the runs, mending the check points, leading the cheer competition and providing refreshments.

We had a wonderful time keeping fit with fellow colleagues and friends, while in the midst of a competition to see which house would be crowned champion. There were attractive prizes to be given away to the top 10 runners of each student category (C Girls, B Girls, C Boys, B Boys), including the top 5 for staff and parents (both male and female) and perseverance awards! These perseverance awards are given to students who have exemplified true grit and determination in the run, clocking a decent timing despite being overweight.

All in all, the PE dept was proud of all students, staff and parents for their contribution to the success of this event.