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Chen Yirong

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Walking into the gates of Outram with a PSLE score of 237 in 2013, Yirong met with raised eyebrows from relatives and friends who wondered why he did not choose a ‘better’ school in the neighbourhood. To an unperturbed Yirong, it was just a natural course of journey that he would share with his two brothers and a sister who had graduated from Outram several years before. It was going to be the same humble and unassuming yet immensely talented young man who would make his older siblings proud by graduating as one of the top students of the school. 

An all-rounder who never quite saw his talents the way others did, Yirong was at once engaged in two CCAs and the Student Council. Lean and fit, he thrived in games sports and joined Squash as its pioneer batch of students in 2015, trailblazing the school’s participation at the National Inter-School Squash Championships in 2015 and 2016. It was however, in his first CCA, Robotics that he found his calling in programming, his innate gift in building and the inclinations of a logical mind. He was to successfully combine the three and make splashes of victory in Robotics tournaments such as the National Junior Robotics Competition from 2013 to 2015, placing top three in the competition each year and earning the right to represent Singapore on the world stage at the World Robotics Olympiad in all three years. The crowning glory came in 2015 when he and his team mates triumphed over all other teams to bring home the Champion trophy. Yet, the intrinsic reward and character growth he experienced through the course of his journey surpassed the material gain. 

A game changer who desires success and change for the better, Yirong is impassioned by the dedication of others and in turn, rally more to join the cause. Through the examples of his trainers and teachers, Yirong learned to fight with tenacity to see a task to fruition, to lead in dedication and to rise to the occasion of a dependable leader. Not only was he made the President of Robotics for his unflagging commitment, he was at the same time, the President of the Student Council from 2015 to 2016. Leading over a hundred of juniors concomitantly, Yirong maintained his composure and pace by handling matters logically and steadily. With respect, humility and responsibility, the three cornerstones of his life, Yirong leaves a legacy of commitment, diligence and some big shoes to fill.  

As he moves into the next stage of learning and adventure, Yirong walks with a steady gaze to the future, led by his maxim, “Instead of looking back at regrets, look ahead at hope.”