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Ruzaini Hilmi Bin Ahmad


Climbing for the win, against the odds

Ruzaini Hilmi Bin Ahmad has been nominated as the 2016 Outstanding Deaf Sportsman. We are proud that he is the second Outramian to get this award. 

Ruzaini’s sporting achievements are commendable. He is an active member of the Outram Climbing Club and has represented the school and won at numerous competitions. 

His father, Mr Ahmad Bin Jaffar, a driver, is grateful for the opportunities that Ruzaini has received in Outram that have helped to stretch his son’s potential. He has seen how these experiences have helped his son grow in confidence. Ruzaini is a student leader in school – he is the vice-captain of the Climbing Club and also a Student Councillor. Despite the various commitments that these positions involve, he is able to manage his time well. 

Recalling the time after the PSLE in 2012, Mr Ahmad is glad that he made the right choice to send his son to Outram. He has seen how all students are treated equally here and how the school environment is a positive and supportive one. 

Ruzaini knows that he comes from a humble background but that has not stopped him from achieving and giving his best. He studies hard and his father reveals, “My English is bad. Ruzaini's English is better than mine."

His CCA mates and his teachers are inspired by his can-do spirit and how he has never made his disability an excuse. When he competes, Ruzaini doesn’t expect to get any concessions because of his disability. Instead, during speed competitions Ruzaini is extra focussed and pushes himself harder than anyone else as he knows that when commands are given and the beep goes off, he is at a disadvantage. 

His strength and perseverance to win despite the odds is admirable and something that we know will hold him in good stead in overcoming future challenges.