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Cross Country 2016

The annual Outram Cross Country Championship 2016 was held in a new venue after being

in Bedok Reservoir Parks for years. Punggol Waterway Park offered an opportunity for staff 

and student to explore the north-eastern part of Singapore. The cross-country was a 

culminating event for the students who have been training hard to boost their stamina 

during their weekly PE lessons. More than 10 staff, parents and partners also joined in the 

challenge coursing through a 2.4km route along the scenic canal. 

The GOH was once again the Parent-Teacher Association Chairman, Mr Ramon Cruz, who 

flagged off the Upper Secondary Boys at 8.45am. He also joined in the staff race thereafter 

and was at the finishing point cheering for all the students and staff making the final push to 

the end. 

There was also Inter-House Cheerleading competition led by Mr Francis Tang. He cajoled 

and persuaded each individual houses to try their very best to shout and cheer in fanciful 

ways. The winning house was Swettenham as the members displayed unique creativity and 

united enthusiasm in their cheer.

This year, the overall champion was decided on a complex but well-crafted set of rubrics. 

The weekly PE runs made up 20% of the score. It encouraged students to stay active and 

built up their stamina in the weeks leading up to the event. The elite Top 10 runners of each 

division would also make up 20% of the score. This allowed the better runners from each 

house to try their very best to bring honour to their house. The remaining 60% would be 

decided by the percentage of students from each house who could either run under 35 

minutes or for the obese students, less than 45 minutes. This component proved to be the 

real game changer, with Buckley winning the overall title by the slimmest of margins, with 

the contributions from each and every Buckley student. Congratulations Buckley!    

A quick survey was carried out and the general responses from the students revealed that 

even though they had to endure the scorching heat, the run in the new venue was 

invigorating and the whole event was well organised. Many looked forward to running in 

Punggol Waterway Park in 2017 and to challenge their personal best!