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From Singapore to Singaporean – An invaluable learning journey!

Outram Secondary School has consistently demonstrated its keenness to partake in the Bicentennial zeal of 2019. Leveraging on its own rich historical gems (being situated near Chinatown and boasting 113 years of history), Outram Secondary is well-poised to contribute its own efforts to commemorating two centuries of British-Singapore relations.

Having collaborated with the National Heritage Board on revamping the school museum on the ground floor, the school also sent willing and enthusiastic students to participate in the National History Competition in July 2019. Student participants include Sebastian (S3/4), Philbert (3/4) and Elli (3/2). On top of that, a group of students were selected to function as student guides in and around the Bicentennial Experience. Clement (S3/3), Hadlyna (S3/3),  Danish (S3/2), Vonshae (S3/2), Sharon (S3/2), Giovann (S2/4) and Jayh (S2/4) underwent training as storytellers for the exhibition and presented alongside other adult volunteers on selected days between May and September 2019. 

During the September holidays, a small group of students and teachers embarked on a learning journey to the Bicentennial Experience at Fort Canning Park. The group was led by the student volunteers, who shared how much they appreciated how our “tiny red dot” has played a pivotal role in history in the region. The students explained clearly and patiently to first-time visitors the growth of our nation, and everyone was treated to an awesome multi-sensory experience, uniquely and technologically different from traditional exhibitions. Everyone had simulated rain-soaked experiences in a rally and at the first parade marchpast in 1968; cowered in darkness and fear in an underground bunker and watched the grim execution of prisoners on Changi Beach.

The student guides giggled, shivered and stumbled at first – but they grew in confidence and transformed into seasoned presenters after a few sessions. Their explanations became so professionally sound and convincing that some visitors thought them to be older than secondary school students! Most of all, Outramians were extremely grateful to be part of this experiential learning journey par excellence, where they could play the role as informed, organized and systematic historical guides to members of the public.