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NSF of the Year 2018 - Benedict Tay

In Benedict's eyes, there were "many more outstanding commanders" from his unit who were equally deserving of the NSF of the Year 2018. Thus, the humble awardee was genuinely surprised at his conferment. He credited it to the teamwork of his company and the chemistry of the command team. Benedict is thankful for his strong, well-rounded team who gave him a hundred percent support, enabling efficiency and effectiveness of the unit.

When asked how his academic experience paved the way to his achievements, Benedict pointed to group projects that gave him the valuable understanding of working with different personalities and identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each individual in the team. It came in ever so handy when learning to work with his comrades from all walks of life.

Currently working while deciding on a course of study for his bachelor’s degree, Benedict has this advice for his juniors in OSS: “Participate actively in lessons and CCAs and learn how to work with peers, old and new. Teamwork and communication are skillsets which will take you a long way.”