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OPEL Week Instructions

As part of the Outram Secondary School’s efforts to provide students with a holistic educational experience, all Secondary One to Three students will undergo  an experiential learning week. During this week, the pupils will undertake a project in teams and work with his or her team-mates to deliver a final product, a written report and an oral presentation. As a distinct feature of Outram Secondary School, OPEL will feature the elements of Business & Enterprise which are designed to expose pupils to elements of entrepreneurship and business through infusion and integration with academic curriculum and through explicit programmes. OPEL aims to provide students with opportunity to learn and benefit from a wider platform beyond a typical classroom lesson. 

Date: 7th Mar - 10th Mar (Monday - Thursday)

Secondary One 

Sec 1: Local Entrepreneurs in Singapore  
School Dismissal Time: 1.15pm 

Secondary Two

Sec 2N: Branding and Marketing (Elective Module) 
School Dismissal Time: 2pm

Secondary Three

Sec 3NT: EBS learning journey and VIA overseas trip 

Sec 3NA/EXP: Social Entrepreneurship 
School Dismissal Time: 1.15pm 

Secondary Four

Sec 4NT: Elective Module
School Dismissal Time: 2pm 

Sec 4NA: Special Curriculum 
Sec 4E5N: MTL intensive
School Dismissal Time: 1.15pm, except for VIA visit