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Ordinary Outramians, Extraordinary SPIRIT

Kenny's Daring Adventures

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You could easily miss him in a classroom of boisterous teenagers. Kenny Lin is such a quiet, unassuming and nondescript youth who blends in so well with the crowd that you would instantly mistake him for a regular awkward teen. That first impression quickly fades when you see him on the stage, domineering the space with his quick and sharp hip-hop moves that hold the audience enraptured to the end. 

The same boldness translates in the way Kenny charts his life that brought him to Outram Secondary School in 2017 and that which will propel him to a new life in America upon graduation. Always yearning for a life abroad where he could spread his wings, Kenny asked his parents to send him to a summer school program in Singapore. While here, he passed the Admissions Exercise for International Students (AEIS) administered by Ministry of Education and began his full-time studies. 

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Without any parents or guardian, Kenny lived on his own and pursued his studies and interests all at the same time. An avid dancer, he became Vice-president of the Dance club, choreographing items for school performances and leading his juniors to achieving the Certificate of Accomplishment at the Singapore Youth Festival 2019. Keen in the English language, Kenny writes with flair and a sensitivity with words that can only come from a close attachment to life’s experiences. 

Accompanying his adventurous spirit to Singapore are not all strengths and talents. Kenny has slight hearing impairment that makes words hard to decipher in a noisy environment. Yet, not once did he let it stop him from dancing to pumping music or scoring his best at the national oral examinations. With his dream of immersing in the hip-hop culture of America and a total of 7 points for six subjects at the O level examination under his belt, Kenny is off to his next adventure, tearing the sky with his swift and decisive flight to the dancing future he envisions, with characteristic dare and innovation.

Roy Wong

Roy Wong was from the class of Secondary 4/3, a graduating class of 2018. An only child in the family, he has been used to an independent and self-directed lifestyle since he was a young child. Despite a latch-key environment, which made him uncertain and lacking in self-confidence at first, Roy persevered through the years, finally settling on areas of interest that motivated him to do well in school.

He was a member of the National Cadet Corps (NCC) for three years and was also the Vice-president of the Visual Arts Club (VAC) in his graduating year. Roy had always expressed his interest in the arts, and was often keen on expanding a portfolio of drawings and sketches.


Moreover, Roy was also well-immersed in Values-in-Action (VIA) activities, both for his class and VAC. He was also a keen and willing participant in a joint Ministry of Social Development and Family (MSF) – Jalan Kukoh Residents’ Committee (RC) project, where school teenagers dialogued with various residents of the area, especially senior citizens. 

Focused in one of the engaging classroom lesson activities, Roy looks on in analytical detachment at the course trainer (2018)

One of the mural contributions as a VAC member in 2017, Roy (on the right) poses with fellow participants.


Roy is currently enrolled in an Aeronautics in the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) College West, where he hopes to excel and eventually pursue his interest in aviation. He is hopeful of maintaining an above average Grade Point Average (GPA) score, which would secure him a scholarship to a related Polytechnic course. He is of the firm belief that the “no-hoper” in life should never be dismissed by anyone, be it by society or by him or herself. In his own words, Roy had articulated the following thoughts,

“(My life in) Outram has been a rough and bumpy road for me, but by being involved in many creative and fun activities, it has allowed me to be the best version of myself and to showcase my talents at the same time.”