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OSS wins Youth Innovation Challenge 2017

Challenge Organised by Singapore Management University

Under the Applied Learning Programme (Business and Enterprise) at Outram Secondary School, a selected number of students are groomed each year in the area of Entrepreneurship. Over the years, these students have excelled in innovation competitions such as Moneytree’s Ice Challenge, and more recently, Singapore Management University’s Youth Innovation Challenge.     

The Youth Innovation Challenge organised by SMU's Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship serves as a platform for entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Students showcase their innovative ideas, business plans and entrepreneurial talents to a panel of notable judges (from Ronnie Wee, Founder of IncuVest to Daniel Lim, Co-Founder of Reebonz) to attract seed funding to further their business ambitions.     

For the third year running, Outram Secondary School participated in SMU YIC (Junior Category) 2017 and both teams from Outram Secondary School walked away with a total of 3 prizes! From the Competition Briefing and Training Workshop in November 2016 to the Finals in April 2017, five months of sheer hard work by our students paid off!   

Over the course of a few months, both teams were committed to coming up with an original idea to change the world, and worked hard at refining it. The Secondary 4 team had previously joined the competition in 2016 but failed to make the Final 5 teams then. The entrepreneurial dare in them gave them the courage and determination to try again this year, and they saw the fruits of their labour.    

The students who took part in the SMU Youth Innovation Challenge 2017 are:   

Secondary 3 Team: Best Social Impact Award 
Valerie Amanda 3/4 
 Rajvrat Thapliyal 3/4 
 Taing Ingly 3/6 
 Nicole Tan 3/6    

 Secondary 4 Team: Best Innovation Award (Business) and Overall Winner 

 Kyle Tang 4/3 
 Then Ee Xuan 4/4 
 Felynna Hazlan 4/5 
 Jada Rose 4/6    

Here is a brief summary of the winning team’s product: Due to war and violence, the number of refugees across the Middle East has drastically increased. This has led to political instability and civil unrest, forcing millions of innocent people to flee their homes. The Zelter, a water and fire resistant portable tent, features an inbuilt solar-power system powers light, a heat generator and a charging port for electronic devices enabling them to make calls to loved ones. Additionally, there is a water filtration system to ensure access to clean water. The Zelter – the size of a backpack – can be adjusted to host different numbers of inhabitants on the run.