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Sec 1 Orientation and CCA exhibition

It’s a new beginning for the newly enrolled Secondary One students at Outram Secondary School. The school bustled with joyful chattering, laughter and occasional cheering as the student councillors led their wide-eyed juniors in a slew of ice-breaking and team bonding activities with the main objective of making them feel at ease in their new school, and providing them with opportunities to build meaningful friendships with their peers. 

Secondary One students also had the chance to explore various CCA options during the first week of school, as they participated in trials and learnt more about each CCA at the vibrant exhibition set up by their seniors. Apart from attending a talk by the school leaders about Outram’s comprehensive CCA programme, parents also joined their children at the exhibition enthusiastically and provided them with moral support in the decision-making process. It was indeed a fruitful first week of school for the Secondary One students.