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Secondary 1 registration

22 DECEMBER 2016

Outram Secondary School held its Secondary 1 Registration on 22 December 2016. From 8am, parents and students filled the hall eager for the day’s program to orientate their children and themselves about the school.  

They were greeted by lower secondary Student Councillors from the entrance to the lift lobbies and the hall and were introduced to the talks by Secondary 1 Masters of Ceremonies. Through the students’ impeccable display of service and talents, the new Secondary Ones and their parents were given a peek into student development at work in the school. 

An official warm welcome was given by the Principal, Mr Boo and various information about school life offered by the Year Head, Mr Oliver Tan. The most anticipated part, however, remained the class briefings by the respective form teachers. While the students were excited to be led to their classrooms, the parents waited anxiously to hear from them. In the meantime, they received a talk on school support by the school Counsellor, Mdm Idah before embarking on a facilities tour guided by the councillors. By 10.30am, the parents reunited with their charges, all ready to begin a new phase of their academic journey with OSS.  

Kenneth Cheng, the 38th Student Council Vice-President reflects on the day’s work: “To greet the soon-to-be Secondary 1 students and their parents, the councillors arrived early in the morning for their duty briefing. There were five different job scopes altogether. Even though most of the councillors were from the lower secondary batch and were new to those duties that day, they were all able to learn quickly and effectively under the guidance of a few seniors in order to provide the best service for the parents and Primary Sixes. It was a long morning for the teachers and the councillors but they managed to carry out their duties seamlessly, ending the afternoon on a favourable note.”