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Secondary 1 Registration 2018

The Secondary One Registration Exercise for our new batch of students in 2018 took place on 22 December 2017. More than 100 parents attended the exercise with their children at Outram Secondary School. The event started off with our Principal, Mr Boo H. K., extending a warm welcome to the new Secondary One students and their parents with an opening speech. They were also introduced to Mr Alex Tan, Year Head of Lower Secondary Level, and their form teachers.

While the students were getting to know their classmates and teachers in their classrooms, parents learnt more about the school programmes available through talks held in the school hall. They were then brought on a tour around the school conducted by the student councillors. After the tour, the Secondary One students, with their parents, proceeded to buy textbooks, uniforms, PE  t-shirts, socks and shoes to gear themselves up for the new academic year. Overall, the Secondary One Registration Exercise was a success and parents were impressed with the smooth execution of the programme.

Written by: Dinesh (Class S46)