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SG-Secure Message

Dear parents and school,

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) is reinforcing key messages of SG-Secure to all students, staff and parents to maintain vigilance and alertness in our endeavor to be ready for emergencies. 

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Key messages are:

a)     The threat of terror continues to be real.  Incidents can happen anytime and anywhere. 

b)     We should stay vigilant and look out for threats (e.g. suspicious persons, unattended and suspicious looking items left lying around          etc) and report them.

c)      In order to make SGSecure, our response matters should an incident happen.  Hence, it is important to:

      1.  Learn how to protect ourselves in the event of a terror attack through emergency drills, e.g. lockdown and evacuation drills
      2.  Know how to Run-Hide-Tell
      3.  Acquire life-saving skills (including CPR/AED, First Aid, “Press-Tie-Tell” and Fire-fighting skills) to help those in need