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Singapore Youth Festival 2019 - Concert Band

Outram Secondary is proud to trumpet another achievement in the recent Singapore Youth Festival Presentation 2019. Congratulations, Concert Band, for attaining Certificate of Accomplishment at the national competition!

The Outram Secondary School Concert Band has indeed come a long way from its humble beginnings in 2016 as a 19-strong band. Despite being nervous in the tuning room, the Band had invested its blood, sweat and tears into giving its all. The promise to leave the stage with absolutely no regrets was fulfilled in the end, with all members shrugging off the initial wave of panic and being just simply invincible as they played their musical scores. Student conductor, Zann Ng, remarked that, “it was as if we were kings, marching into battle and the emotions felt that day for the ten minutes on stage, were very strong and not something that we will easily forget.”

Despite almost breaking down throughout this incredible journey, many of the Band members felt that they have grown together as one. Infused with the guidance and support of the conductor, Mr Shaun, the various teachers-in-charge and seniors, the members proverbially clenched their jaws, gritted their teeth and soldiered on to attain an Accomplishment Award for this year’s SYF. All in all, what mattered most was not the final achievement, but the creation of a strong culture made up of deep bonds of kinship; and the gratitude for the network of support of so many people. Thus, on 15th April 2019, the Band was its fighting best, boasting at least 30 musicians, who had suffered through thick and thin to get to show the world what “1 Band, 1 Heart” was truly about.