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Singapore Youth Festival 2019 - GUZHENG

Certificate of Distinction

The Outram Guzheng Ensemble was established in 2016 and has gradually grown in confidence and experience over the past three years. In the months leading up to the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation in April 2019, our members persevered to improve in the artistry and showed good teamwork by cheering and encouraging each other along the way.

The young band of musicians performed two compositions – “Butterfly” and “Rolling up the beaded curtain”. “Butterfly” was composed by Migiwa and was originally written for Kokohana. The song depicts the melodic flight of the butterfly as it flutters its wings in the meadows. The second song, composed by Henry Huo, is a song with strong nostalgic Chinese flavour, describing a woman from ancient China who is missing the one she loves.

Even though our ensemble was smaller in size compared to some of the other schools, we maintained our composure and were proud to have achieved the Certificate of Distinction for our performance. Well done, Guzheng Ensemble!