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Speech Day 2017

One Outram, Many Dreams. That was the theme for the school’s 111th Anniversary cum Speech Day which fell on 7th April. The theme is a recognition that every Outramian has their own individual dream. It also serves to inspire us all to make those dreams a reality. The theme and message emanated through every part of the event especially the rousing speech of the Guest-of-Honour, Mr Mohamed Abbas Sheyed Ebramsa, a highly successful entrepreneur and an alumnus of the school. In his speech, Mr Abbas recounted the hard work he put in to achieve his personal ambition of moving his family up the socio-economic ladder.
Chen Yi Rong, Valedictorian for Class of 2016 also gave an inspiring speech to the graduating students who attended the event and reminded them that with conscientious effort, dreams can indeed be realised.
Awards were also presented to students who did well in their national examinations last year. Recognition was also given to students who made significant contributions to the school.
It was truly an inspiring event and it ended aptly with an energizing performance from Dance Club and an inspirational heart-warming rendition by Guzheng Ensemble.