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Swimming Carnival and Inter-House Games 2019

York Hill was a nest of bustling activity on the 7th August 2019. The school 58th Swimming Carnival and Inter-House Games were jointly held on this Wednesday of sporty activity. Outramians scurried about from venue to venue, to both cheer excitedly and partake in several Inter-House games like Basketball, Rock-climbing, Netball and Frisbee. Passion and perseverance were the order of the day as students sped, threw, jumped and enjoyed themselves tremendously. To cap it off, there were the climactic races of the Swimming Carnival, in which house and class representatives were pitted against one another. The most anticipated event arguably was the Secondary 2 Rafting competition as teachers were dunked in the pool! While Outramians really showcased their athleticism, sportsmanship and teamwork were the important lessons that were taken away. As Pierre de Coubertin reminded us, “The important thing in life is not victory but combat, it is not to have vanquished but to have fought well.”