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Tamil New Year

Happy Tamil New Year!

This year, the Tamil New Year Celebration was held in conjunction with the commemoration of International Friendship Day. It was a lively assembly programme hosted by the Secondary One Tamil students Raveen & Thrisha. There was a plethora of captivating and exuberant programmes lined up during the celebratory concert. A troupe of Tamil boys showcased their talents in playing exotic International Musical Instruments, and offered a brief introduction of the various instruments from all over the world, including those from Germany, Brazil, South India and North India. The highlights of the event comprised a trivia quiz on Tamil New Year and an uplifting music video put together by the staff and students of Outram Secondary School. Winners of the annual Kolam competition organised for the Secondary Two students were also announced during the concert. It was a colourful affair where Outramians had a unique experience of learning about about the various traditions and cultures practised by Indians from different countries.