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Teacher’s Day celebration and Bond-over-breakfast

On 5th September 2019, there was cause for a double celebration. The day kicked off with an informal and warm gathering of sorts in each classroom. There was the Bond-over-Breakfast period in each respective classroom. Students and teachers “dropped their guard” and over delicious catered meals, classes reinforced the camaraderie and teamwork that had united the different students from all walks of life. It was also a time of mindfulness and reflection in several classes, where students shared how far each had come thus far in 2019.

More fun and dynamism were to follow in the second half of the day, when there were dances galore by the Dance Club, Student Council and many other aesthetically-inclined students. Classes and their teachers adjourned to the school hall and at this moment, the true family spirit of Outram Secondary was on display. Ex-Outramians were gathered in the aisles at the upper floor of the school hall, catching up on good times with their ex-teachers. The concert was a high-octane duration of hip-hop dances, precision choreography and passionate singers. Kudos to the organisers of the concert!