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Teacher's Day Celebration 2016

On 1 September 2016, the caring teachers of Outram Secondary School received due thanks and appreciation for yet another dedicated year’s work and was treated to a special celebration organised by the Student Council.  Many hours of planning went into the preparations, including compiling Teachers’ Day wishes from the students, and conducting auditions for the performances to ensure that only the best were showcased.

This year’s concert involved many talented student dancers and singers. On top of individual students’ song items, the Peer Support Leaders wowed the audience with their first Teacher’s Day project; an energetic and rousing song-and-dance. The Sports Leaders took over the baton with an equally upbeat dance item. Bringing the concert to a culmination was the Student Council’s surprise performance; first in levels and then coming together to form a synergised dance, replicating last year’s entertaining flash-mob. Their well-rehearsed moves and sincere presentation won over the hearts of all the teachers present.

After the concert, many teachers and students, past and present lingered in the hall chatting, laughing and taking endless photographs of one another. As a fitting close to the occasion, each class enjoyed a time of bonding over breakfast in the canteen, closing a celebratory day with food, joy and laughter.

Truly, the loving teachers of Outram deserve the best from the students, on 1 September and throughout the year!

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