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Assistance for Vaccination Appointments for Graduating Cohorts

Assistance for Vaccination Appointments for Graduating Cohorts

(posted by MOE on PG, 2 June 2021)


You would have received the SMS with the unique booking link for your child/ward’s COVID-19 vaccination appointments. The majority of the graduating cohorts (N/O/A level and equivalent) who were invited had already booked their appointments for their COVID-19 vaccinations, with many of them receiving their first dose as early as 3 June 2021. If you have not done so, please log in with your child’s NRIC, and book soon in order to secure appointments on your preferred dates before the slots are open to other groups. Please note that this link is unique to your child and you are advised to book within 14 days as slots are limited.

If for some reason you have not received the SMS invitation, please check if it was sent to your spouse. If both parents did not receive the SMS, please complete the FormSG, so that we can arrange for the SMS invite to be sent to you.

For parents without local handphone number, a letter of authorisation and a signed hard copy medical declaration can be issued to a SC/PR (e.g. family member) who can make the registration and complete the medical declaration on your behalf. The authorised individuals will then complete the FormSG to submit their contact number. The student should bring along a copy of the signed authorisation and declaration forms on the day of the vaccination.

We would also like to inform you that when your child arrives at the vaccination centre, there will be a detailed set of screening questions to be answered by your child as part of the screening process. We are enclosing a copy of this form for your reference, and also for you to explain to your child regarding the information required at the vaccination centre. Please try to be contactable on your handphone during the expected appointment time of your child at the vaccination centre, should there be a need for the vaccination centre staff to call you to verify any of the information.

Thank you. Together we can overcome this. Stay safe!

LINK: Non-receipt of SMS Invites for Students:!/60b6d9520c4f7d0012132608

Please see the following PDF files for more information:

1) Pfizer Vaccination Information Sheet for Vaccination Recipients 

2) Pfizer Screening Form

3) Letter of Consent and Authorisation