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Invitation to Breakfast @ Outram!

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Connecting in Love

- Applying the 5 Love Languages

Love is the foundation of the parent-child relationship. Every parent loves their child but does the child always know he/she is loved? Every child expresses and receives love differently, parents need to communicate love in ways their child feels loved. So are you speaking the right love language to your child?

The Five Love Languages can help you do just that. Learn the universal means of communication. As you “speak” the right Love Language to your child, he/she will be able to respond to you which will enable you

to better bond with him/her. At the same time, knowing his/her Love Language will provide you insights into your child’s heart and mind.


Participants will be able to:

·              Practise the 5 love languages with confidence

·              Recognize the primary love language(s) of their child

·              Develop a ‘Love in Action’ list to remind them the Love Languages they will show to their child

Empowering Families Through Family Matters@School!

Because FAMILY matters! Outram Secondary School believes that the family is the anchor in our lives. In our attempt to support every Outramian and his or her family, the school partners with the Ministry of Social and Family Development to provide educational programmes and resources. 

Family Matters@School (FMS) is a school-based programme that seeks to help parents and students enhance the quality of family life by equipping them with the skills and confidence to build strong relationships. FMS programmes include parenting talks and workshops which provide bonding opportunities for the parents and their children. All sessions are conducted by trained instructors and professional counsellors. 

To further support parents, the school has embarked on the Positive Parenting Programme (Triple P) under FMS this year. This programme has proven effective in improving children's behaviour and reducing parenting stress. With its implementation, all Secondary 1 and 2 parents received an invitation package from the school in January or February every year seeking input on their parenting needs. Invited parents would have been notified of the Triple P seminar dates by our FMS school co-ordinator. 

Parents who wish to know more about Triple P and FMS programmes can contact the school's FMS coordinator, Mr Wan Peng Wai at his mobile number 9800 1630. 

Thus far, parents who have attended the sessions have given positive feedback.

Please register your interest through this form or through the following link.

 We look forward to your active participation in this event.