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National Day 2017

#One Nation Together was the theme for this year’s National Day. The theme is a call to unite all Singaporeans to stand together and overcome all odds together. The school celebrated the occasion with a group of 15 wheelchair bound elderly from Kreta Ayer Senior Activity Centre and Chin Swee Activity Centre on 8th August. Other guests included the students and teachers from Deyang No. 5 Middle School, China and Sekolah Darma Bangsa, Lampung, Indonesia.

The celebration began with the Observance Ceremony which reminded us about the significance of National Day and our journey towards nationhood.  This was followed by the Academic and CCA Awards Ceremony to recognise the students who had excelled in their academic performance or had represented the school in various competitions and events.   

The students had fun during the Zentangle class activity before moving on to the highlight of the day – the National Day Concert. It was an entertaining event with items from the Gu Zheng Ensemble, Dance Club, the students from both the visiting schools, teachers and a thought-provoking skit by the Interaction Arts and Drama Network. The concert ended with a rousing mass singing of National Day songs which brought everyone to their feet.