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Netball Pesta Sukan 2017

Deloitte Pesta Sukan Netball Carnival 2017

It was a wet Saturday afternoon on the 12th of August 2017, but Outram Netballers did not let it rain on their victory parade. Both the B and C division teams rose to the occasion at the annual Pesta Sukan Netball Carnival hosted by Deloitte, and shone on the courts as they battled valiantly against 17 other contenders respectively.

Both teams were in the lead during the preliminary rounds before the rain started lashing down on the arena. The event climaxed with the B division girls emerging champions after a series of nerve-racking shootouts to determine the winner. The C division team put up a good fight as well, bagging third place in the competition. It was an emotional win for the netballers, who trained hard and ploughed on in the weeks leading up to the competition. Congratulations, Outram Netballers! POWER POWER POWER!