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Outram celebrates Singapore’s 56th Birthday and Awards Ceremony Day

The spirit of celebration resonated throughout the school as students and staff celebrated this year’s national day in the classrooms. Balloons and banners decorated the spiral staircases and quadrangle, amping up the celebratory atmosphere. The day started with the solemn observance ceremony, singing of the national anthem and saying the pledge as every class took the lead from the procession aired on Zoom. 

This is followed by the all-time favourite Zentangle activity where students were engaged in creating unique patterns and intricate designs on templates of various icons of Singapore, including the Merlion and Supertrees at Gardens by the Bay. Some classes were engaged in creating Haikus about Singapore. 

Familiar tunes and lyrics about Singapore echoed along the corridors of the classroom blocks as the classes indulged in the earworms played on loop once every year.

After a morning of National Day commemoration, the school continued to celebrate the successes of students at the Awards Ceremony, where awards were presented to deserving students in the classrooms. 

The pre-recorded video of the ceremony also showcased the talents of students in the area of aesthetics and performing arts.

Congratulations to all awardees, and Happy Birthday Singapore!