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 [Parent Kit] Starting School Right

Dear Parents,  

Happy New Year! Starting a new school year is an exciting time for our children as they make new friends and set new goals. We hope to partner you in equipping them with the skills to relate well to others and set appropriate goals. This will help them to enjoy school life more fully.

Our latest issue of Parent Kit (attached) provides tips on how you can help your child make friends, develop resilience, set goals and work towards them.

If you have more questions about starting school right, check out our Facebook Livestream, “Ask Me Anything About… Starting the Year Right – Raising Independent Learners and Helping Them Set Goals” happening on 26 Jan 2021, Tuesday, 8PM to 9PM.

During the livestream, ask our panellists anything about how to develop an independent learner, teach them to set effective goals and be resilient in the face of setbacks. Click on the web link to RSVP at MOE’s Facebook Page: