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Recognising ‘Strengths in Diversity’ in Outram

The ‘Strengths in Diversity’ Special Educational Needs (SEN) Carnival held annually in Outram, is in line with the objectives of Purple Parade Singapore. This carnival aims to create a more inclusive environment in school and recognise the strengths of persons with SEN conditions (i.e., hard of hearing, selective mutism dyslexia, autism, visual impairment, and physical impairment). Mentored and supervised by the school teachers of the Special Educational Needs Committee, the Secondary Three Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) Leaders toiled tirelessly to prepare for this carnival prior to the event.

This year, the carnival was held on 26 October 2021, and activities were conducted in the classrooms, in accordance to the Safe Management Measures. Staff members and students were decked in purple in support of the meaningful cause and were fully immersed in the classroom activities painstakingly prepared by the Secondary Three CCA leaders. The games and activities aptly encapsulated the experiences of people with SEN in a fun and engaging way, effectively educating participants about the different SEN conditions. The SEN carnival was certainly a huge success as students and staff took away valuable lessons from the event and internalised the value of inclusivity in our society.