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Secondary 3 Camp

A roaring good time at the Dairy Farm Estate

Tucked away in a serene and calm corner of upper Bukit Timah, Outram Secondary School students found themselves immersed in a wide range of activities. The annual Secondary 3 Camp was very much a rite of passage for the students, especially those who had found themselves in new classes.

Abseiling, plunging down with the flying fox and “toughing” it out in the scorching sun were tough but it made Outramians learn not just about their classmates, but how far they could push themselves. Everyone had a roaring good time at the camp, which lasted from 8 to 11 April 2019. One of the highlights was outdoor cooking – everyone had a whale of a time whipping up culinary delights! The Secondary 3s really pushed themselves mentally and forged a great team spirit!