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The Shanghai Experience! - OELP 2017


During the first week of the June holidays, a team of 32 secondary three students, four teachers and Vice-Principal Mr Lim embarked on an eight-day school trip to Shanghai and Hangzhou for their Overseas Experiential Learning Programme (OELP). An initiative under the Business and Enterprise Applied Learning Programme, OELP aimed to expose students to the different aspects of business operations and culture in China, as well as to have them interact with their peers from Shanghai.

The programme sought to broaden the students' perspectives on the business practices of both SME and global corporations. In Shanghai, students visited wholesale centres to observe the pricing strategies of different stall owners. They also visited the factories of global companies, including Coca-Cola and Volkswagen, to take a closer look at their production lines and branding strategies.

OELP 2017 also marked Outram Secondary School’s 5th year of collaboration with Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Foreign Languages School (SICFLS). During the visit to the school, the students of both schools engaged in meaningful exchange with one another through lessons, meals and a field trip. The visit strengthened the international partnership between both schools and provided our students with an insight to the life of a business student in Shanghai. Students were also impressed with the world class facilities of the SICFLS.

 All in all, the trip provided a well-balanced business and cultural experience that serves to prepare our students for the capricious globalised world. We hope to continue providing such educational and eye-opening experiences with our valued collaborators to develop our students into global citizens.